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the search begins. Now taking applications.

I am starting to look for a new roommate and don’t want to have to resort to the Reader or Craigslist (sorry Craig, I will if it takes another week or two, promise), at least not yet. My roommate has decided to move out and I am too in love with my apartment to move out–so please help me with my roommate search.

My goal is to find another guy to live with who is a friend of a friend. Sound weird? A friend of a friend keeps me assured that they are good people (otherwise you wouldn’t be friends with them) but keeps me from chancing ruining a friendship over roommate stuff. And a guy–well, most of you have heard my nightmare roommate stories and the guys are usually less a nightmare than the girls I’ve lived with.

Things to know and tell your friend.

1. I have a cat and will soon have a second. 2. It is a two bedroom in Ravenswood. 3. Nicely located near the Damen stop of the Brown Line and the Ravenswood stop of the Metra. 4. Split rent ($500 each), gas, electricity, phone & DSL. I don’t have cable, but would be open to sharing the cost if he must have it. Otherwise, once Scott moves out, I won’t have a TV either. 5. Large apartment, hardwood floors, kitchen, dining, living, bath, pantry, and a porch. 6. Available 5/1 or 6/1–there is some flexibility as to when my current roomie moves out. 6/1 move in will leave 11 months on the lease for new roomie. 7. Yes, it’s true. Old roomie and I had a roommate contract a l

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