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The Ulster Fry

I had no idea what to expect, but all of Hayden’s guy friends were asking about it. “Looks like he got everything for a big fry-up in the morning.” “Did you make an Ulster Fry?” An Ulster Fry is the reason why the Irish have the highest rate of heart disease in Europe.

The following items were fried in the same skillet for the Ulster Fry. Bacon. Big Irish Bacon–which bears little resemblance to the anorexic bit of ham we call bacon in the states. Sausage. Again, this ain’t Jimmy Dean’s. Hayden had to cut the links of this premium pork product apart. Eggs. Okay, eggs are eggs. Although they are fresher and smaller here. Tomatos. Really–fried tomatos? For some reason when he asked, do you like tomatos, I imagined a fresh tomato on the side. Nope, he tossed the halved fruit/veg into the skillet. Mushrooms. Fried along side the tomatos and bacon. Irish Soda Bread. Fried, but overdone and blackened. So those were unceremoniously tossed into the bin. (Bin=trash can) Pancakes. These weren’t actually fried, they were pre-made and toasted in the toaster. They served as a barrier between everything fried and the plate. Instant coffee. Also not fried, thankfully.

Oh my god is all I can say. He heaped the fried goodness onto my plate and I made some headway. I also used some HP sauce, or brown sauce, on top of the eggs. Needless to say, there were leftovers for Sunday morning. It is just as good one day old, warmed up in the microwave and eaten without utensils standing up.

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