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The Wedding Date

No. I haven’t set a wedding date or been asked to be a wedding date, I went to see the newest romantic comedy–The Wedding Date. It is Debra Messing and Delmot Mulsomething from My Best Friend’s Wedding.

We actually headed to Evanston to see Sideways, but it was sold out. We opted for The Wedding Date and headed to the Concession Line. I needed dinner and it looked like dinner was going to happen at the theater. I grabbed a hot dog, then I put it back. Shit. That’s not kosher. Or is it? It was Oscar Meyer, so while it isn’t Hebrew National, it also isn’t pork. I have a hard time remembering that I keep kosher, especially when I hanging out with jewish friends. This time I wasn’t with a jewish friend, I was just hungry. Later I turned down her offer of buttered popcorn and she asked if it was because I couldn’t mix dairy (popcorn butter) with meat (Hot dog.) I just hadn’t been in the mood, but if I’d thought about it… Yeah, that wouldn’t have been kosher.

Then we went into the small and crowded theater to take our seats. We got there a little early and were suprised by the number of people in the audience and that it was a mostly 20-30 year old crowd. I worried we would be the only two over 15, but teenagers don’t care about weddings, ex-fiance’s, needing to impress family, or taking $6,000 out of a 401K to hire an escort to make it all go well.

The story started immediately. While it is a hollywood romantic comedy, something they did well was start the story and leave most of the backstory out of it. With a few skillfull lines, you understand why it is important for her to be happy. A cousin and her character’s mother each have a line that sums up her whole relationship with her ex-fiance.

A couple reel changes seemed like they were done poorly, so I think we missed a scene or two that might have explained a couple more things, but they weren’t too missed.

At the end of the movie, Ashqi thought it was one of the most fun she’s seen lately. I left wanting to cry. I can’t put my finger on why, but something about it was saddening to me. I don’t know if it was the annoying (but possibly truthful) theme of “Women have the love life they want. When you are done with being single and miserable, you’ll be done with it.”

I don’t know, it might have been low blood sugar. It might be fear. I’m not sure, but instead of feeling all warm inside, I just felt sad. Now I need to have some real breakfast and go to the gym before I go back to work.

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