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There he is again.

Exactly one year ago, if I thought I saw TokyoBoy on the train platform, I’d get to work and have an email from him. This week I keep seeing him, but know better than expect an email or phone call.

At Pauline’s on Sunday with Dad, there was a guy who looked so much like TokyoBoy that I looked at him five times. Not a double take, but I kept looking. There is no way he would be wearing a cubs hat, but it threw me off for a few minutes.

I keep seeing him in other people’s faces this weekend and it is killing me that we don’t talk to each other. But, I’m being good and respecting his lack of response and not calling and not writing.

This is me. Not calling. Not writing. Nope. Neither. This is me, rocking out to Bon Jovi instead.

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