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Things I could be doing instead of this.

I am waiting for my phone to ring. Was my offer accepted or not? Am I under contract? Will the $1000 check of earnest money be deposited? Will I move into my condo or not?

Here are things I should be doing instead of waiting to hear from my realtor.

  1. Dishes

  2. Mix Challah dough

  3. Go to the Gym

  4. Go to the Laudromat

  5. Take out the trash

  6. Write a Screenplay

  7. Keep browsing JDate and TheOnion Personals.

Oh wait, number seven is what I’ve been doing while I wait for the phone to ring. I had (of course) an e-miscommunication with the comic I ran into on JDate. I asked him out when we were both on Friendster and I get that he’s not into me. So I sent him a lame little Tease to say “Holy shit, we’re both here” and he wrote me back on JDate. To get his email, I had to buy a subscription. Then I wrote him back and said, “I paid $35 for 5 measly words?”

Then he said and I said and then he, then I.

Oy. I really hate that intent and inflection is absent from email from time to time. Most often between people on dating sites or emails that result from online dating attempts.

How about I do the dishes so I can mix some challah dough? Then while the dough is rising, I’ll run to the Speed Wash for one of my final trips to laundromats ever. Why? Because the condo I am buying (and my offer will be accepted) has in-unit washer and dryer.

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