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Things I Might Have Said

“I like to pretend I have boundaries.” via Danticoa

“No blog is better than an abandoned blog” via GwynneMurphy

“Anything you want from a relationship you want from a blog!” via MOgulnick

“What I love about social media is that it put PEOPLE back into business.” via celiajones

“Blogs aren’t where you get the money, but they can be where the relationships come from that lead to that.” via MOgulnik

“my career would not have happened, as it happened, w/o my blog” via CharlieChicago

“I’ve never heard of Twitter” via SydneyOwen

“If you want free product find something that is so niche that no one has blogged about in english and blog about it!” via MOgulnik

“The best thing to blog about is what you like to talk about!” via MOgulnik

People twittered the things I said at Social Media Club this week.

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