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Things I think make the internet worthwhile.

I sit glued to a computer minimum 5 days a week, but toss in a sprinkle of email and surfing on the weekends and it is rare to find one 24 hour period when I am not online. I’m not saying this is good or anything, but just happens to be my life since I started college.

There are a few websites and things about the internet that make it worthwhile and since I have nothing exciting today, I thought I would share.

Neighborhoodies is a small company out of New York City. They make personalized sweatshirts and t-shirts, sweatshop free. They are at and I thought for a long time they were a joke (because they advertise in The Onion.) I found out they weren’t and checked out the webpage. Eventually I found a reason to buy one–a friend who had recently returned from a semester abroad, with the name of the ‘hood he was in and in his school colors, really f-ing cool–and continue to check out the page months after being done with them. Why? Because they are so cool and so fun. They post a “Neighborhoodie of the Week” and Love Letters from happy customers. I have a love letter buried in there somewhere. Check them out!

Craigslist is a free bulletin board and functions in a lot of major cities in the U.S. and a few global cities. I used to check out daily, but now it is The most fun, in my opinion, are the missed connections. Once I actually connected two people together–a stand up comic I knew and a long lost friend of his. Otherwise, it is just fun reading and a good place to find cheap or free furniture, sublet an apartment, or find someone to go swimming with.

I have a few friends with websites they regularly update, so I try to keep up with them. Scott Derenger is a stand-up comic and writer who I’ve been friends with since I moved to Chicago. My brother, Ry, keeps a blog of his own and I try to read it daily. There is also the shop I work at in Chicago, Sweet Occasions and More, with a fancy new webpage.

Since moving to London, I have added the American Expats website to my daily reads and of course the BBC for news. I still swing by Japan Times and Google News as well.

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