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This “Dating Thing” might be overrated…

Okay, with the whole esquire thing, I took a pretty bold lead into dating. Also, my writing teacher Kim accused me of not actually giving 10/10 to dating and meeting and being open to people. So I am trying.

And it sucks. Anyone out there who is married, be happy you are. Dating sucks. Dating at 27 sucks. Dating while transitioning into a new job sucks. Dating friends, dating friendsters, and dating people who answer your ad sucks.

Not very articulate tonight, am I?

This whole thing makes me want to scratch my eyes out. New thinner Leah needs to be dating and not setting up dates and being stood up or blown off. Or, I should have met someone pre-WW and then not worried about it. But, my fat girl mentality pre-WW made dating impossible.


I won’t give up on dating until the Fourth of July, then it is work and writing only. No more feeble attempts at romance until halloween.

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