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Three Weekends Left in London

I looked at the calendar the other day and counted up my weekends left in London. This weekend and two in February and that is it. In those three weekends I still need to do a couple things–see the Tower of London, go to Westminster Abbey, see the Changing of the Gaurd, go to Barcelona, Kew Gardens, the British Museum, the Tate Modern… Portobello, the Jack the Ripper walk, and it just keeps going and going–the list of things I haven’t done and probably won’t do before I leave.

When I lived in La Plata, I raced around to see everything as quickly as possible. When I lived in San Francisco, I did the touristy stuff the first week and the last week. In the middle I just lived. In Durango, I probably saved a lot of the touristy things for my last year–aided by the chamber of commerce job. Here–people can see everything in London in two or three days–and I just haven’t managed to do any of it. I’ve just been living here.

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