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Time keeps slipping…

Holy cow, the time is passing quickly this fall. I can’t believe that Halloween is passed already, I can’t believe High Holidays have passed. I can’t believe that I’m actually going to officially jewish in two days. I have to keep myself muzzled not to talk non-stop about it.

Lucky for me, my friends keep taking the muzzle off. I had movie/dinner/coffee with my ol’ roommate on Saturday. I tried not to talk judaism all night, but we’d talk about work, then shul, the comedy, then religion, then the movie, then learning hebrew. He was, after all, the first person who saw The Idiots Guide to Understanding Judaism on the coffee table. I forgot to put it back under my pillow and he found it. I had to do some fast talking to convince him I wasn’t researching him.

Today I felt like I was having a pre-beit din with a co-worker. We went alone to lunch and over turkey sandwiches she asked, “Why are you doing this? What has this brought to your life? You don’t think you could have god without converting? What if your kids don’t want to be jewish? What if you fall in love with a gentile?” Big questions to ask over turkey on wheat, but I felt that I answered them well.

I am now excited to say that Little Miss Whiney Pants (me) isn’t going alone. While Ronnie declined, a number of women that I know at my synogogue have offered to come with me. Even though there is nothing to do, but sit in a waiting room and maybe tour the mikva–they are still coming to sit and wait while I make it official.

I even went so far, too far, and emailed Mr. Perfect Moment from last December. The boy that distracted me, while my focus should have been on family, with the most perfectly mixed 80s tape and a truck. A truck in Chicago. I’d boldly told him–if I met a jewish man and fell in love, cough cough, I would convert. It was that conversation that helped me realize that I didn’t need the jewish man before I could convert. I could check it out alone. I told him thank you for the conversation that helped me get to the Rabbi’s study.

That said. Has everyone seen how cute my nephew is?

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