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Tired. Sore and tired.

Did I write about going to the personal trainer yesterday? I told you that I was going, but not that I went. I went. I’m sore.

Today I went to New York City for the day. Now I’m exhausted and am going to hit the hay in a matter of minutes. Just a few thoughts.

1. The new JetBlue route from ORD to JFK kicks ass.

2. Taking the A train from JFK to Times Square kicked ass.

2.5 Air Train. Putting an arrow into your logo wasn’t exactly brilliant. So many times your logo pointed in the opposite direction of the train. I wasn’t the only person spinning in circles.

3. Had a great client meeting (reason for trip). It, like my morning, kicked ass and I really enjoy my work. Especially on days like today.

4. That cute guy on the plane in the army green jacket. DO MORE THAN MAKE EYE CONTACT. I just missed him at the taxi stand, literally he was driving away when I stepped up.

5. Cute british designer who I shared a cab with. Who are you? I think you are way more famous than you let on and I got out of the cab feeling like I should have known you. Like maybe it was somehow quaint that I was so clueless to your celebrity. Or maybe it was just that good a haircut that you had. Anywho, thanks for getting the fare and I hope you google me. You have enough information to find me and you are suggest coffee at our local shop. That’s all I’m saying.

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