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Tonight Im not competing in Jokedown or Lunacy.

I can’t believe it. Tonight I am not in Durango, Colorado. For the first time in five years, Snowdown is going to happen without me. Not that Snowdown needed me to happen, but I added so much flavor to it. Remember the year I beat Sinberg the Chiropractor in a chug-off? Remember when I rocked the house and won Jokedown? Remember when I was a blind mascot in the Snowdown Parade for ROCA?

Last year, there was no question. LeahJ was back in Durango for Snowdown. What better time to be in Durango and to see everyone who is fun. I made it to the DACRA Business After Hours at the DoubleTree where I met Steve from Minnesota. I performed stand up comedy and my solo show about 6 times. I headlined a fundraiser for Roe V Wade at Scootin’ Blues. Most importantly, I found a team and competed in Lunacy.

Granted, my team was not so good in the winning catagory. We lost rather painfully against a team that went on to win the Tournament of Lunatics. Jake and Mike have taken some of the responsibility, but I was not a great team captain last year. I think I lost my chug-off and was a little too quick on the buzzer. I was always a little too focused on the MC and not enough focused on the game at hand. If I won, obviously, Aaron would have to fall madly in love with me. That never exactly happened did it? Oh well, I’ll go around the pub tonight and ask strangers trivia questions and make them compete in chug-offs. Since we are in Chelsea, maybe even a true Celebrity Chug-off. If I’d made it back, that would have been five years in a row I competed. Five. Only Pendarvis competed for longer–6 out of seven years, until he bowed out, got married, and moved to Aspen.

On Saturday, I’ll take a flash light and have a light parade up and down my corridor. Maybe lean out the window and hollar at people and throw beads at unsuspecting Londoners. I don’t think they know they are missing Snowdown. Sunday morning, I’ll whip myself up “The Cure.” I’ll finally figure out how to make hashbrowns and serve it up to myself. There was a little snow this morning, maybe I’ll suddenly take an interest in skijoring and skijore down the Kings Road. All I need is a horse, I can certainly borrow one from Prince Charles’ stable–don’t you think?

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