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Tourists get lost, not bus drivers.

This afternoon, my dad and I decided to head to Magic Masters at Navy Pier. In his many trips to visit me here, I think he has only been on the el once and that was with my sister and mom last March. So we hopped on the brown line and took it down to Chicago, where we transfered to the Chicago Bus.

No problem.

We got to Navy Pier and ran into my college friend Emir and then went to the Magic Shop. Normally, Dad gets involved in a magic battle with the magician behind the counter and I wander off. This time I stayed to watch and oohed and aahed over every trick our personal magician did for us. This time, I even went behind the bookcase to learn how to play ultimate Three Card Monte. I kind of think our magician was from Argentina, which helped keep my attention.

Anyway, then we got on the waiting list at Bubba Gump Shrimp House. Dad wanted coconut shrimp for father’s day and ones served at BGSH taste like my grandpa’s coconut shrimp. While we were waiting our 26 minute wait, we went to get Cubs paraphenalia. I got my first Cubs hat and my dad got a nice shirt.

(Happy Father’s Day–Drive four hours, paint my apartment, buy me stuff and drive back home!)

After dinner, we got on the Chicago bus. After pulling out of Navy pier and picking up the first load of people, our bus driver turned south when he should have turned north. A passenger went up and told him “YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!” Have you ever seen a chicago city bus do a U turn? I hadn’t until today.

After doing the U turn, he was going north and then made a left when he should have gone straight, then made a right, then another right when the street we were on ended and then tried to take ANOTHER right (going south again) and everyone on the bus that was a Chicago Resident shouted “GO LEFT! GO LEFT!”

He went left, took a left at the light and was finally back on track. Flustered, but back on track. Luckily the train ride was much less exciting.

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