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Twenty things I want to learn this year.

1. How to balance work, exercise and writing.

2. How to build a website.

3. How to back-up my hard drive to an external hard drive or to .mac.

4. How to edit a video.

5. How to make time for romance.

6. How to keep my house clean.

7. How to succeed at work.

8. How to buy a week’s groceries and use them.

9. How to compliment people more often.

10. How to remember birthdays. (Thanks Facebook.)

11. How to RSVP in a timely manner.

12. How to speak modern Hebrew.

13. How to live a life in more than one city.

14. How to pack for a business trip.

15. How to keep my socks in order.

16. How to keep the top sheet on the bed for more than one night.

17. How to fix things in a timely manner.

18. How to run my life and not be run by my life.

19. How to sell a novel.

20. How to work with authors.

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