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Two weeks left in this apartment, three in London.

People keep saying, but what are you going to miss in London? What can’t you get at home that you can get here? I can’t believe you are actually going this time, are you looking forward to going home?

Other than people, I am slow to come up with things I will miss about London. But here is my list so far.

  1. Old fashioned double-decker buses

  2. London Black Cabs

  3. Fresh fruit and veg from Africa

  4. Scottish salmon

  5. Really good lattes made by serious Italian baristas

  6. Trains that can take me anywhere in the country

  7. Slower pace of life (for me, not typical London life)

  8. Being in by midnight, but being out for all the fun.

  9. Really good pork products

  10. Text messages and T9 smart type on mobile phones

  11. Sleeping on my natural clock and not being forced to wake up at 6:00 AM

  12. White borders on my photographs

  13. The smell of many types of freshly baked breads at Waitrose

  14. Flower merchants on every corner

  15. Funny (to me) formal British signs

  16. Watching British people eat so carefully with a fork and knife

  17. Smoking cigarettes indoors is still legal. (No, I didn’t start smoking, but I think the smoke-free bars in California and New York are a little over the edge.)

But more than things, I will miss my friends. My co-workers are a fantastic group of women and men. Tons of fun, creative, and always good for a laugh or eight. It is the people that have made London and not the city, but that is always the case, isn’t it?

It was Cathy, Erika, Gabriel, Marcelo and Juliet in La Plata. Stephanie, Delney, Becca, Fadi, and Tariq in Ames. Jessica, Colin, and Rachel in San Francisco. Emrys, Sarah, Lee, Jamie, Jav, Bill, Becca, Amanda, Liane, Marnie, Jake, Mike, Julie, (okay, this has to stop, cause Durango was three years, not 2 months and there are too many more people there) in Durango. For London it is the women that share my office space and eat my popcorn and let me join them for smoke breaks, even though I don’t smoke. And who pick me up a large, white coffee from Beretta.

But, I don’t miss them yet. I still have three weeks in London.

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