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Um, not fair sending your glamour shot.

I’m currently weeding through nearly 40 responses to my personal ad from late Friday night. Why, oh, why did I place another personal ad? Oh right, cause wanting to date my friends is a bad dating plan.

So I have lots of bad photos of men, but luckily no penis shots which other women have complained of. One guy, who seems nice enough, sent me his, “I’m hot and 21” photo and then underneath a more current photo. Still attractive, but at least a ten year age difference.

Web cameras on the top of your computer–THAT IS A BAD ANGLE FOR EVERYONE!!! MOVE THE FUCKING CAMERA! I’d just like to say that.

I’d also like to say–who has NO digital photographs of themselves AND does internet dating? It is 2004, not 2002. Come on, grab a friends phone and snap a photo.

Oh and a blurry photo with the line, “I like chemistry, too” doesn’t make me want to write you back.

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