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Um, so, yeah and stuff.

I thought I would have lots to say tonight. I don’t really. The day started with some fiery emails on a listserve I belong to, bleh. Then I had someone I thought might be interested say he’d “reevaluated and decided we wouldn’t be a match.”

My educated guess? El bloggity blog blog. That’s fine. I can’t be the world’s greatest catch to every man in chicago–just a select few.

And I (boring boring boring) bought some cheese, wine, crackers, macaroons, and a lemon tart for Friday night. Sorry folks–looks like there won’t be challah. Gasp. I just haven’t had the energy to make any. This after all my declarations that it doesn’t take extra time to bake challah. You know what, I didn’t have it in me this week.

Tomorrow night is the Christmas, I mean, Holiday Party at work. I’m only going for an hour or so–it is also tango night. And, hmm, things still aren’t ready for Friday night and DOH! I forgot napkins and soda.

I also cut my caffeine intake down today and had a splitting headache at 5:30 tonight. The headache is gone and might have actually been replaced with being sleepy before 2AM. HOORAY! I’m going to take advantage of that and go to bed.

Boring Boring Boring

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