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Using RSS?

After a complaint from a friend that my feed wasn’t working in her RSS reader, I got super vain. (Make sure that you pronounce super “Soo pah!” I don’t know why, but I feel like this needs to be about my soopah vanity.)

I got on Bloglines and subsribed to all of my feeds. I was surprised to see that I had another 6 people reading my blogs, other than the 20 on the main feed. Huh. I’ve also seen a couple click-throughs from Google Reader and NetVibes.

Are you reading my blog with RSS? What reader are you using? Is my feed updating correctly? It isn’t in AideRSS or Facebook, but is on Bloglines and NewsGator. Grrr… Or are you on my mailing list?

I’m curious to find out how many people are subscribed (and of course, I wonder who you are, what you are doing, what are you thinking, are you thinking of me… Oh, wait, not a Kids in the Hall sketch, is this?)

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