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Vexed by Anthony Jones and The Grant Institute

In my attempt to live more of my life in the real world as opposed to at my computer, I’m not even sure I should let this bother me.

After calling multiple times and telling the people at The Grant Institute, “If you don’t stop with this spam/scam email list, I will blog about you,” they did it. Today they sent me not one, but two emails.

Oh, Anthony Jones. Owner? Operator? Nameplate? Man who is never there to answer the phone for himself, that much I know.

If you respected potential customers, you wouldn’t buy email lists from God knows where, over and over and over again, then spam the hell out them. I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO YOUR CLASSES! I DO NOT WANT YOUR EMAILS!

I have unsubscribed from your emails, called three times, marked them as spam, but you persist. I WON’T GO TO YOUR CLASS!

Does anyone else get these emails? Am I the only one driven crazy by The Grant Institute? Maybe if Anthony Jones had a different last name, I would be less bothered. But he has MY LAST NAME!

Sigh, please The Grant Institute, please Anthony Jones, stop spamming people or at least get an email vendor that respects unsubscribe requests.

UPDATE: Just 30 seconds later, I realize that their unsubscribe is only for each event not for their offerings as a whole. This is what is says.

You have received this invitation due to specific educational affiliation. We respect your privacy and want to ensure that interested parties are made aware of The Grant Institute programs and schedules. This is intended to be a one-time announcement. In any event, you should not receive any more announcements unless there is a program next year in your area. To be unlisted from next year’s announcement, send a blank e-mail to and write “Unlist” in the subject line.

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