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Vivid Dreams, vivid, vivid, dreams.

I don’t know if it is because I’ve been getting full nights of sleep or because there is so much under my bed that my chi can’t flow (feng shui or something), but I am having disturbing and vivid dreams this week.

Last night it was a nightmare. Being trapped by a team of kidnappers and not being able to figure out a way out. We’re talking hitting 911 on the cell phone, doing small movements towards freedom, not kicking and screaming. I couldn’t quite figure out how I’d been trapped, but it was very scary. It actually woke me up, but I was able to go back to sleep.

Two nights ago I returned to Durango in my sleep. I went back to Lady Falconburgh’s, but it had been expanded and the entrance was moved. I struggled to find my way in, but eventually found the new entrance. I walked in and first Zak saw me, he gave me a huge hug and commented that I was a different person. Then Aaron saw me. (Aaron was the object of a limitless crush of mine for a couple years in Durango.) He said he’d be right back and to grab a table. When I looked at the menu, it had been expanded and the font was so tiny, I couldn’t read it. So I just ordered from memory and found out that my favorite appetizer had been struck from the menu. Then there was a problem with the ceiling and it started to fall down, bad construction during the renovation.

Regardless, I woke up and started looking forward to this winter’s trip to Durango. I’ll be back for Snowdown, for sure.

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