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Wandering around Chicago.

I’ve been doing a lot of wandering lately. Just looking at Chicago in a different way. Thursday night Robert and I walked from The Fizz on Sheffield up to the Wilson stop of the Red Line. Friday night we walked home from Leona’s in Roger’s Park. Sunday I walked up Broadway from Fullerton to Buena when I collapsed into a seat at a thai restaurant with my new pillows.

Today I got out of work around 6PM and wandered up Michigan Ave. I talked to a few different girlfriends on the phone, watched bus after bus go by each full of human shaped sardines. I found an ad on craigslist of a man looking for someone to have dinner with. Why not?

Three fire engines and an ambulance screamed up Michigan onto Lake Shore Drive. I got another phone call, I wandered to the train station. Down chestnut to State. Then I stood on a corner, yakking to Cathy, before giving up on my impromptu dinner date and getting on the train.

It was fine, because once I got above ground I started emailing with my boss. Back and forth, back and forth. Projects, revenues, business trips. Someone is getting busy and that someone is me. Tomorrow night is a Cubs game, Thursday is a meeting, then I’m off to La Casa DeVivo for my sister’s graduation.

After I took my last bite of dinner, my impromptu dinner date emailed. Drat. Terrible timing, but I have a standing invitation for dinner in New York. Not bad, not bad at all.

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