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Wear your kippah to work day.

I was having a synchronicity filled day today. On the train this morning, I was worrying about Ronnie. He’s in Israel and even though he said he would be safe, I can’t help but worry. While I was thinking about his safety, I looked at the graffiti on the window of the CTA. It said, “Prove: a + a = a, then a = 0.” Ronnie’s a math guy, but alone that isn’t much of a synchronicity. I then looked through the window and in the next train, the guy even with me was wearing a yarmulke (kippah) and then as that train sped by, I shifted my focus onto the billboards beyond the tracks. “The Princeton Review.” Fantastic. That’s his alma mater, so together in a matter of a minute–it seemed a little more like a synchronicity.

Then over lunch on the phone with my mom, another guy walked by with a yarmulke. And tonight on the train, when I was replaying in my mind that I saw two men in yamakahs–I looked out the window and there was a third. He was dressed like any frat guy or wrigleyville guy–cargo shorts, baseball t-shirt, and a yarmulke.

Then on my way home–again, I was thinking about how odd it was to see so many men in yarmulke during the day, I looked down and stepped over a smashed bottle of Manischewitz Kosher Wine.

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