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Where do you learn these things?

Remember in Sex in the City when Miranda’s baby shower comes around? She doesn’t want anything pink or blue or typical. Charlotte wants to throw a typical baby shower, complete with cakes made out of diapers. When the day comes around, Miranda realizes that is what she really wants and luckily Charlotte went behind her back and prepared all the typical things.

Where do you learn how to do all that stuff? Diaper cakes and party favors and pacifer corsages. If I had being an RA to do all over again, I would have programs on hosting these post-college events. Yeah, that’s a little sexist, but these are things you are supposed to know how to do.

Eeek. Luckily my sister has friends who are more adept at these details. People with books on baby showers. Whew. If left entirely to me, I would call everyone the day of and say, “I kind of felt like hosting a thing for my sister today. Can you come over?” When they got there, I would serve them tomato soup and grilled cheese. Rotating, of course, through the four bowls I own. “Oh, are you done with your soup? Can I wash that bowl and serve the next person? Thanks.”

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