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Working for the weekend.


I’m grumpy this afternoon and I think it has to do with a decided lack of cookies in my life. Sure, sure, sure. There are macaroons and matzah brittle, but there are no cookies.

Not that I really want to be the type of girl who gets grumpy without cookies, but apparently I am. At least I have a quiet weekend to look forward to. Shul tonight and maybe in the morning. Beyond that? Nada.

Except me, my chores, maybe some writing, going to the gym to arrange my sessions with a personal trainer, some coffee, some catching up with friends who weren’t at my seder and who knows what else. So what I actually mean is probably not quiet at all, but hopefully I’ll at least shake this mood.

It did help that I got to spend this morning with Gary Goldhammer and John Cuneo. And it does help knowing that next week is jam-packed already. And it helps more that I might be heading to a conference in a couple weeks where I’ll get to see a good friend. And that all day Monday I get to hang out with my team, the whole me2revolution will be in town and in the same room. Okay, okay, I’m getting over this no cookie thing.

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