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wow, three days.

How has it been so long since I posted? oops.

The breakdown.

Sunday: Marathon phone call day. Liane in Durango, my folks, and my brother Ry. I feel like I got pretty well caught up with folks, but it made me realize I need ot have a few more days of marathon phone calls with other friends.

Monday: Work. Anything special? Not that I can think of. I worked and then must have gone to sleep early. Boring.

Tuesday. Opened the shop, when my relief came, went to the main shop to relieve the boys. Then I raced to Kinko’s, wrote a short piece for class, went to class, was grumpy for two hours, and returned to the shop. I wound up closing last night. My first day open to close since i’ve been at the Shop.

Today: More being grumpy. Went to Beans and Bagels for a Cubano sandwich. An excellent lunch, but the girl working made me cry. No, other things made me cry, but she was the last straw. then I went to work and just got home. Tomorrow I am in early again and have to cancel lunch plans with a college friend, bummer.

Tomorrow: work.

Friday: work.

Saturday: painting my apartment with my folks. Woo hoo!

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