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Yes, Im looking for…

If you followed the CIN link, you might be here to see if I’m serious. I am. I really want to find people to go on Jewish Field Trips with me. How many more Jewish movies can I drag Ronnie to? In how many different languages?

I can’t convince any of my friends to go see Jewtopia–too expensive for my non-jewish friends, old hat for my jewish friends. BoozeNJews is happening again this week, but on Friday night. The organizer emailed me today (in answer to my CL ad) to say I would find NJB (nice jewish boys) at the event and to feel free to come after temple. I can barely admit somedays that I have an account on Jdate. Considering how terrible that is going, I will be deleting it sooner than it expires.

Yes. I’m looking for more people who will patiently hang out with me as I explore the secular side of jewish living. For me that means going to a ton of lectures and movies and musicals and Kehilla events. It also means asking really stupid questions like, “Um… when I get to the seder, are people going to be reclining?” And “Why did she say my congratulations* would change when I moved?”

*I was mis-translating a word. The woman said my mazel would change, mazel means luck. Mazel Tov means Congratulations.

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