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Leah Jones, Founder

Who are we?

Starting a company focused on encouraging leadership and bringing people together makes complete sense, considering the path Leah’s life and career have taken so far. She led her high school band as a drum major, quelled the constant drama of a dormitory as a college RA and braved rowdy crowds as a stand-up comic. During her decades in the rough-and-tumble world of PR, colleagues recognized her knack for leadership and frequently turned to her to run focus groups, review agendas or chair all-employee meetings. As the head of Natiiv Facilitation, Leah harnesses this singular combination of skills honed with marching bands, open mics and board rooms, to benefit your company.

​Leah keeps busy outside the Natiiv office—she’s a co-founder of TBD Minyan, active member of Emanuel Congregation, a Wexner Heritage Fellow and member of the ROI Community. She’s shaved her head for St. Baldrick's to help fund childhood cancer research, walked to raise funds for breast cancer research, and chaired the Being Black at School 2017 launch event. What’s more, Leah occasionally takes the stage as a storyteller in Chicago's live lit community. She has a Master's in Health Communication from Northwestern University.

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