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Shai Davis, LGBTech

Leah's expansive knowledge of facilitation techniques is matched only by her patience and empathy. She has an incredible ability to understand challenges and synthesize new and creative solutions. She cares deeply about the people she works with, and her passion and expertise are clear in every interaction.

Teena McClelland, SAIC

Leah is a thoughtful and generous communicator who helped us switch things up if needed in the midst of the retreat --as we identified and clarified priorities for our time. The experience Leah provided for our group was invaluable.

Miriam Brosseau, Founder

Leah is a remarkable facilitator. She understands how to deliver an experience for the actual humans who are in the room, how to gracefully pivot as needs evolve, and how to be that trusted presence that helps everyone open up and do the work. She brings humor, expertise, and a deep appreciation for what a well-designed experience can do to move the needle on personal or organizational goals.

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