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Natiiv Facilitation Services

Successful focus group moderation and event facilitation takes more than just asking questions and writing down answers. Natiiv offers the broad experience, natural curiosity and interpersonal skills needed to produce an effective event and solid results.

Business Conference

Employee and Customer Engagement

Intelligent Focus Groups

The Natiiv team has engineered focus groups for Fortune 100 health care companies, patient-centric non-profits, religious congregations and other diverse outfits. Led by founder Leah Jones, Natiiv works closely with your employees, patients or constituents to create a focus group designed to get results, and help you work toward for future success.

A group of people in a circle talking.

Retreats and Other Adventures

Dynamic Event Facilitation

Running a team-building event with in-house resources means, unfortunately, that some of your personnel are left to play meeting planner and aren’t able to fully participate. By bringing Natiiv in to facilitate your event, your entire team is empowered to take part in the agenda for optimal results.

Office Work

Expert Meeting Guidance

Agenda Review

You’ve spent weeks planning for the big meeting—is the agenda delivering everything you need, or is it missing something? Natiiv can offer an objective yet informed perspective to ensure you’re hitting all the marks, and that you get what you need from the event. We’re half coach, and half cheerleader.

Office Work

Explore Team Direction

Core Values

Developing core values with your leadership team can help all employees make better decisions on their own. In this 90-120 minute workshop, we'll explore core values that are important to your leaders and your organization. Natiiv will guide this important conversation as your team builds consensus.

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