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A Guest Post on Twitter Stars

Mark Davidson invited me to guest post on Twitter Stars , so you should check that out.

“It sounds like extreme web 2.0 jargon but it has become my favorite things about Twitter. Because of Twitter, I avoid stories that end with, “Oh man, I was there too. If I’d known you were there, we would have had such an awesome time!” “Enabled Serendipity is being able to turn an almost-coincidence into seeing someone face to face.”

And you can see that if even inspired a bit of conversation

“Not sure I have the cajones to serendipitously meet people this way, but I find it fascinating that she is so comfortable doing it. As we become more “wired” and wireless, will this become more common and an accepted practice?”

What do you think? Have you experienced “enabled serendipity” by using Twitter or something similar?

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