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Annual Report

Although I have started conducting my life on fiscal years (July 1 to June 30), I thought I would do a wrap up of what has been a really amazing year for me.


My Solo Voices class performed our solo pieces at the Chicago Center for the Performing Arts. I brought about 20 friends and co-workers to the theater and had a fantastic performance. My peice was called… I can’t remember what it was called. It was about finding passion, but that wasn’t the title. shit. I can’t remember the title of my own one-woman play. It was terribly meaningful too.

After the performance Kim Clark approached me and said, “I’m Kim Clark, I run the writing program. You must call me on Monday.” I called Kim on Monday, quite convince I was going to be whisked away to LA or New York to be a WRITER or an ACTRESS. I wasn’t, but he did ask me to join his writing program that began in a week or so.

I also made my triumphant return to Durango, Colorado. Performed a number of times at different venues and made a stop at the radio morning show. I came in 2nd place at the Jokedown and miserably lost at Lunacy.


I began writing with Kim Clark at CCPA. The class started with about 20 people and dwindled to about 12 by the end in March. It was a hard class, with a new assignment every week. I submitted my one woman show, “Little Revolutions,” (I remembered) to a solo performance festival in Chicago and it was accepted.

I trudged to work in the snow everyday from my apartment in Ukrainian Village to Chicago Ave to the Blue line to the Loop.

I went to San Antonio for the AAPLAC Conference, rented a convertable and drove to Houston to see my Aunt and Grandma.


The apartment on Walton got robbed in the middle of the night by a man with a butcher knife. He came through the unlocked bathroom window and woke up my roommate, who scared him out of the building. There were huge handprints on the window, but they were gloved.

That night I performed “Little Revolutions” at the Anthenaeum Theater. Afterwards, at the Golden Apple Diner, Scott and I discussed me moving into his apartment.

The next morning I left for Japan. I had my birthday in Japan and felt incredibly safe. I met Nate and felt even safer. I prayed at a temple on my birthday, got prayer beads, watched live japanese comedy, and at unagi.


Continued writing with Kim.

Met with Scott and planned to move from the Ukrainian Village up to the FAR northside of Chicago to Ravenswood. 4700 North, from 1000 North. Wrote a roommate contract and planned out all the details of living together.

Moved to Ravenswood.


Walked into Sweet Occasions to get a morning coffee. Met Andy and learned about the shop. Walked in the next day and asked Andy for a job. Spent the next two weeks scraping together enough money and change to be able to ride the El and buy a cup of coffee. After two weeks of buying coffee, I asked Andy again. We scheduled an interview and I started my working in the ice cream and candy sector.

Continued writing with Kim.

June, July, August

Writing, writing, writing, writing.

Scooping, scooping, scooping, scooping.

Promoted from Program Assistant to Program Associate at work.


Went to Seattle for my cousin’s wedding and a real vacation. A week away from Chicago, renting a car, and staying in a hotel of my choosing.

Bought The Right to Write and began making wishlists.

Did first aid at a car accident on my block for the son of the owner of Quizno’s. Earned free Quizno’s for life. Started Weightwatchers the same day, based on a deal with God.


Started waffling on writing.

Went to Minneapolis and saw Nate and saw Coleman McCarthy speak at the NSEE conference.

Asked by company to move to London.


Moved to London.

Started a blog.


Went to Italy–Rome and Assisi. Got a BIG idea for a BIG story. Had a vivid dream about St. Francis of Assisi.

Decided not to stay in London.

Lost 10% of my original body weight on weightwatchers.

Year ended with me on duty.

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