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my life revolves around

Tea with honey, a box of tissues, lots of water, orange juice, and cold medicine. I still have my traditional christmas cold, yeah me. I feel better after I’ve been up an hour or so–the sore throat goes away, but then the allergies kick in and much to my co-workers amusement, I start sneezing. Chicago co-workers are very well acquainted with my sneezes.

Anyway–the exciting news is that I have booked my tickets for a weekend in Belfast. Sunny, tropical Belfast in Northern Ireland. Okay, so maybe Belfast isn’t THE place to vacation in the middle of January–but it is the home of my friend Hayden. Hayden and I met his first or second night in the states at Millikin. He and Keith moved in early for International Student Orientation and I was glued to them, like flies on honey. I showed them the amazing american secrets of 24 hour stores and allowed them, generously, to push start my car on the way to said uber-store.

We have stayed in touch through an annual christmas cards and random emails to catch up with each other. Now six years later, we get to see each other again. I know that I have changed a lot and not a lot. I see London boys on the street and wonder what Hayden turned out like–is he a Hueray? (The Hugh Grant look) in a purple shirt and tailored suit? Or a football fanatic in a jersey?

Can’t wait.

Also can’t wait to feel better, I’m off to buy more tissues.

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