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Planning my first trip “to the continent”

Ryan Air and Easy Jet are two fantastic cattle-car airlines, like Southwest, that provide super cheap airfares around Europe. I am heading out on Ryan Air this weekend and going to Rome, Italy and then hopping on a bus or a train and going to Assisi. As in “St. Francis of.” I decided to go there, because I was flipping through a Wayne Dyer book I have (There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem) and he said there are certain places that exist at a higher energy level, a more positive energy level. Examples are Machu Pichu, Sedona, and Assisi. Since I am in Europe, why not try on Assisi for size?

So on Friday I am flying from London to Rome, then I’ll find a bus or a train or something and head to Assisi for the weekend. Maybe I’ll come back to Rome a little earlier on Monday so I can see a couple of those Rome things–maybe not. I have no schedule, per se, no itinerary other than a return flight to London. Guess I need to learn a couple Italian words from Maureen before I go there, since Spanish may not work in Italy.

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