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Reposting–Double Decker Buses

Below is an email I sent when I first arrived, but it was never posted on the blog. Since some people weren’t on the original email list, here it is.

Today I spent over 2 hours on a double decker bus. it was cool, cause I rode upstairs again, this time I got the front seat. After awhile, you feel sick. The buses here are straight up and down, so when you are at the front seat on the second floor you are up against the windshield. You look down and can’t see the hood of the bus, a headlight, a windshield wiper–nothing.

So your perspective is all screwed up and you see a car in front of you and then it disappears, you see someone walk towards the bus and disappear. you never feel a thump, so you can assume we didn’t hit anyone. Also, they seem to make everything with much smaller turning radiuses (radii, how do you make it plural?) So all of the sudden, you are swinging down some alley that you wouldn’t drive a station wagon down and you are looking into someone’s bedroom window, cause you are on the second story and so are they.

Then you go to get off the bus and you aren’t quite sure if you can hop off when you aren’t at a proper bus stop, that guy just did–but he is local and he has this whole, hopping off a moving bus thing down and you don’t. So you wait patiently for a bus stop, even though you have a timid driver who will stop at every pedestrian crosswalk for two lights just to be careful.

Today I also learned the important difference between Diet Coke and Coca-cola light. Diet Coke will be manufactured here in the U.K. and will always taste the same. Coca-cola Light could be from any European country, some make better Coca-cola Lights than other. Of course, you know that Coke is slightly different in every country–so is the Light Coke. So, the point is–it is worth the effort to search the convenience store for a Diet Coke and not a Coca-cola Light.

Other than that, I will try to do something exciting this weekend. Or at least get my pictures from last Sunday, which really was exciting. Westminster Abbey, Buckingham palace, St. James Park.

all I’m saying is, “Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament.”

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