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Stacey Agdern: Hockey, Romance and being Jewish

Stacey Agdern, author of B’nai Mitzvah Mistake, joined Leah to talk about the intersection of writing romance, being joyfully Jewish, and her love of hockey. In her fourth romance novel with Jewish characters, Stacey brings together professional hockey and Jewish traditions.

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Show Notes

  1. Twice a Quinceñera

  2. Paul Scheer & Hockey Romance

  3. Love’s Sweet Arrow

  4. Linda Cohn – Chance of a lifetime

  5. EBUG

  6. Zamboni driver as ebug

  7. Shane Mcanally

  8. Joe Buchanan

  9. Bo Burnham Spider

  10. The Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon

  11. Zach Hymen jersey in Hebrew

  12. Zach Hyman speaks up about antisemitism

  13. Zach Hyman is going viral over pride night interview

Leah performed at Miss Spoken this week. The month’s theme was Fangirls Forever, so it was time to share Five Rules for being a fan of HDTGM

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