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Very short rotation of Christmas songs…

Okay, we are listening to VH1 or MTV and I can’t handle the very short rotation of songs here in the UK. How much Wham can one woman take? Not much more..

Songs in the rotation are:

Do they now it’s Christmas Time at all” Pop Idol’s version, not the original. The video is watching the Pop Idols laugh and exchange tissue wrapped presents.

Fairytale in New York” The Pogues. One of my all time favorite songs, thanks to Adam Phelps, so I love that it is on heavy rotation.

Poppa Krimbo” is from some wierd TV show and seems like it is a funny song, but I don’t get it and it is just annoying.

That Wham song about giving my heart to you on christmas eve and you giving it back the next day. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArgh.

According to MTV UK here are the top five holiday tunes:

The race for Christmas number one has reached a shocking climax, and the title of this year’s winner says it all – ‘Mad World’, Michael Andrews and Gary Jules’ morose but brilliant cover of the 1980s Tears For Fears hit, has stormed into the festive top spot.

After a crazy week of till bells ringing, they were hoping to be the spandex-clad angels on top of the chart Christmas tree, but The Darkness will have to settle for being a second-place bauble instead! Their fun festive tune ‘Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)’ spangled its way into number two.

Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne fell to number three with ‘Changes’, fending off other new entries that were vying for the festive top spot. Bo Selecta’s ‘Proper Crimbo’ came in at four and the Idols, who were previously tipped for number one, only managed to make it to five with ‘Merry Christmas (War Is Over)’.

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