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100 things about me… okay just 50.

This is probably proof that I should be doing something else. 100 things about me is something that bloggers do. 100 statements begining with I. A long selfish list that you didn’t ask for. Here is my start.

  1. I am Leah.

  2. I am a twin.

  3. I am an aunt almost four times.

  4. I have a cat named Spidey.

  5. I have a cat that is scared of most people and who sheds a great deal.

  6. I am making a pot of Potato, Leek, and Garlic soup. Stay away from me.

  7. I manage an ice cream, candy, coffee, cafe, gift store and love it.

  8. I have two magazines and two books under my pillows at any given time and a pile of 10 magazines under my alarm clock.

  9. I can hit the snooze button every nine minutes for three hours and not notice it was ever going off.

  10. I have 5 pillows and only really need one.

  11. I am also making little cups of jello for lunch this week.

  12. I have been writing the blog since some time in November when I was in London.

  13. I have two tatoos and I often forget they are there.

  14. I own very few movies, most are starring John Cusack. Although I did add When Harry Met Sally and Amelie to the mix.

  15. I go on bad dates instead of good ones, but not by choice.

  16. I can dance tango, salsa, and merengue. Waltz too, and even cha cha, but not the fox trot or samba. Too much shaking going on.

  17. I was a late bloomer–only recognizing the power of purses, make-up, and sexy shoes in the last two years.

  18. I am listening to Moby 18 and it cost me 7.99 pounds in London.

  19. I have just ordered contact cards, so I can give business cards to people I meet. It will tell them my phone number AND this blog address.

  20. I earned varsity letters at two high schools for weird things. Swimming, band, speech, and maybe lighting crew.

  21. I used to play the oboe.

  22. I got out of playing the oboe by getting my toungue pierced when I lived in Iowa.

  23. I took out the piercing when I lived in Colorado, because it was just silly.

  24. I got my belly button pierced instead and forget it is there, until I catch it on my belt and almost rip it out for the 18th time.

  25. I met Weird Al.

  26. I broke my glasses at a Weird Al concert in San Francisco in the summer of 1999.

  27. I got my first tatoo in San Francisco.

  28. I prefer writing real letters to emails, but recognize that email is a whole lot easier to do.

  29. I am a sucker for stationary stores, notecards, and envelopes.

  30. I think pork chops with macaroni & cheese is one of the best all around meals. Top it off with strawberry shortcake and you have heaven.

  31. I just learned that nothing about my perfect meal is Kosher. Drat. Time to invent a new favorite meal.

  32. I like to dip my french fries into a chocolate shake.

  33. I like the satisfaction of shaving after up to a week or more of not shaving. It seems like I’m really doing something and there is more a feeling of completion.

  34. I think it is weird when women won’t shave their armpits, but then get bikini waxes.

  35. I buy all my wine from south america. It makes me look smarter about wine than I really am.

  36. I still wish on eyelashes sometimes and on the clock when it says 11:11.

  37. I miss direct deposit.

  38. I miss Durango, Colorado.

  39. I think Brunch is the perfect meal.

  40. I used to say my favorite color was red, because it would ensure my boyfriend would give me red roses. Now I freely admit that I like purple.

  41. I still like red a lot, but not more than purple.

  42. I like my potatos mushier in my soup.

  43. I don’t like four ice cream flavors: Licorice, Bubble Gum, Spumoni, and… Maybe it is just three. Not bad, we have 100 flavors.

  44. I don’t know when I’ll return to Durango, because my sister is due the week of snowdown. I just realized that. I can’t go to Colorado when my sister is getting ready to have her baby.

  45. I realized that I might want a family one day at Trimble Hot Springs in Durango.

  46. I was surprised.

  47. I am also suprised how much I like dogs now. I didn’t like dogs when I lived in Iowa, but I pretended I did, cause boys like dogs. Now I’m not faking.

  48. I am faking about your pet crocodilie. I remain not a fan of domesticated reptiles.

  49. I am quickly approaching my 5th college reunion and my 10th high school reunion.

  50. I will finish the list another day.

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