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11.3 miles is not 14 miles

Today I was scheduled for a 14 mile walk. After getting totally off schedule last week between the rain and travel, I really wanted to get it right. I got it sort of right. I got out of the house early. I wore an ankle brace on each foot. I had Luna bars. I had water. (I had a coffee and bagel.)

I set off down the lake front path and got yelled at by a biker within the first 5 minutes. Fair enough, I’d popped into the middle of the path to say hello to a friend. Then I realized a bike was coming from either direction, so I couldn’t escape to either side. He thought I was being an asshole, but I was just standing there because it was safer than getting to either shoulder at that moment.

I made it to North Avenue, where I left the path and walked over to Astor Place to walk south to Division. That’s where I stopped to have my Luna bar, take some alleve and then when I started to walk again I burst into tears. My feet hurt. They hurt so bad and I was convinced that I couldn’t go any further.

I got it together and managed to get up to 3800 N Broadway before time was no longer on my side. I had a 1PM hair appointment and it was 12:40. So I hailed a cab and called it quits. After I got home, I mapped it all out and saw that I was 2.7 miles short.

So I’ll try for 14 again tomorrow… this has been much harder and is taking way more time that I imagined. Must walk faster tomorrow.

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