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13 miles and what do you get?

I. Love. Twitter.

I’ve said it approximately a million times before, but I’m in love with Twitter. It is how I got my nice Chicago Geek/Tech social circle, how I met a certain London based cartoonist, and how I got out of bed this morning and went on a 13-mile bike ride.

Rick, the president of my group at work, twittered last night that he was looking for Chicago twitterati to bike with him today at 7AM. I (foolishly?) agreed and was on the bike path at 7:15 this morning. We rode to the Drake hotel and back. Just 13 miles for me, but something like 40 for him.

I was definitely the more exhausted one after, but proud of myself for going. Rick is a long-distance cyclist and I’m… I’m much more utilitarian about my bike. It gets me from point A to point B. But the more I go on these long rides on the lake, the more interested I get in getting more serious about my bicycle.

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