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60 miles in 2009. Why not?

When I crossed the finish line last year, I told the team there was no way in hell that I’d do the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day again. Then a few hours later (after a massage) I softened a bit in my resolve and eventually wrote the post Live Like You Were Living.

It’s been about six months since I crossed the line with my team from Edelman and I’ve signed up again. I’m going to do the Chicago 3-Day and I’m forming a team.

The team is called The Titterati and is made up of walkers that are also Twitter users. Fun, nerdy, social media savvy folks that will document the hell out of the walk, raise a ton of money and make this the official Twitter team for the 3-Day.

Want to join team Titterati for the walk? Please join! Follow us on Twitter! Want to donate on my behalf? My donation page is up and walking!

Why do this again? Breast Cancer hasn’t been cured this year. I’m still getting calls from friends telling me that someone is going in for second opinion or more tests. My first post-college mentor, Sally Smith-Lloyd, died this year. She had adrenal cancer, but it has hardened me against cancer even more than I was before. Another friend has lung cancer. Photographer Deborah Lattimore was diagnosed with breast cancer when I started walking last year and is in chemo now.

I can’t do much to stop cancer, but I can walk. I hope some of you will come to Chicago and walk with me. If you can’t walk with me, please make a donation.

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