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68 pages down and another Hebrew lesson.

In between loads of laundry and sock sorting, I have entered 68 pages of edits into my manuscript. I took out the five pages on the laws of Kashrut–I had just copied/pasted it over from the OU. It seemed silly to put them in the book, if someone wants the laws, they will find them. I’ve also been adding some context so my rants against Rabbi Dan and anonymous commenters make sense.

Hebrew school this morning was so frustrating. I’m getting it, but it is such a painful language to learn. I am studying singular possesive suffixes and next week return to the chapter on plural possesive suffixes. And the week after that? I’ll magically be fluent in Hebrew–both modern and ancient. Or my patience with this new language will have worn so thin that I will un-convert.

Okay, so I won’t unJew, that is just silly.

Sorry my posts have been lacking in pithiness. Once I wrap my head around Munich, which I saw last night, you will get pith. I left feeling quite shell-shocked. I also just finished Adjusting Sights–which takes place a year after Munich during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. In Chicago, in 2006, it is very easy to forget that people want us dead, just for being Jews. Munich reminded me of that, among other things. The fact that there are people with rockets pointed at Israel, ready to shoot them off to celebrate Sharon’s death (if it comes with this stroke, but he’s still kicking) and ready to hand out pastries and celebrate when Jews die.

While I try to figure out my repsonse to Munich, Adjusting Sights, and the news–I’ll just say goodbye.


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