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8 random things

People know better to tag me with memes, but since Zemote knows me through the random information engine (Twitter), I’ll take his tag. It is the 8 random things about me (that after nearly 4 years of blogging you don’t know and didn’t make my That Leah Jones list…)

1. I learned how to salsa in Ames, Iowa from Cuban Refugees. That means I dance salsa like a disco king!

2. I quit taking Spanish in grade school during a vocabulary game. The game was played by everyone in the room standing and one person describing another student. “Es una chica,” and then the girls sit down. “Tiene pelo rubio,” and then the brunettes sit down. I can’t remember if at the end I was one of the two girls left standing or the girl doing the describing, but the teacher forced the describer to say if the girl was fat or skinny. It was cruel. My parents removed us from Spanish. Enough stuck in my head, so when I got to High School I picked it back up.

3. My laptop at home has neither an F, K or battery that holds a charge. It is effectively a PC. Sad. I want a MacBook for the social cache that Apple carries, not because I’m a designer. I think I’ll be cuter with a Mac. How’s that for a marketing message that stuck?

4. I no longer get white-knuckles on escalators, despite being told this week about somebody’s father/uncle/cousin missing part of his pinkie due to an escalator injury.

5. “Death is not an option in my building” is one of the greatest impromtu speeches I ever gave. Nobody died that year.

6. Riding a Segway around Millinium Park and the Museum Campus was one of my greatest all time nerdy days.

7. I think an awesome meal is peperoni sticks, string cheese, snickers bars and coke. On a lake. With a fishing pole in my hand. Except that maybe isn’t a kosher meal. Neither is my second favorite meal of Pork Chops & Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Or my third of Pork Loin. Maybe I need to rethink this Jewish food thing.

8. I have taken lessons as an adult in: playing djembe (african drum), improv comedy, tango, hebrew, writing, and solo performance. Oh and that converting to Judaism thing. I’m not sure what the next lessons will be, perhaps back to modern hebrew, but maybe hip hop dance.

I don’t tag people, but feel free to tag yourself and let me know you’ve been tagged by you.

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