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A couple things before I get in the shower.

I thought I would make a short stop on the blog before I get in the shower and go to work. Why so few posts? I’m trying to be good and not blog while I’m at work. As pro-blog as PR is getting, they are also pretty pro-do your fucking work when you are at work. Needless to say, my mid-day blogging has to be kept at a minimum.

ALso–I’ve had two days in a row where I haven’t even been home before 9:30PM. Monday night I had therapy right after work and then dinner with some girlfriends. Last night I worked an hour later than normal and then had my jew class.

Now I’m about to hop in the shower and get on the train and start the whole thing over. I just don’t feel like there is much going on right now, so why bore you?

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