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A few more posts

In case you didn’t see the UPDATEs at the bottom on my OneVoice Meet-up Blog Post Round-Up, here are a few more posts about the night.

Lovely Nadia from Arabisto happened to be in New York on vacation and joined us on her birthday with her husband. ON HER BIRTHDAY! The name that escaped me from New Jersey was Nick from I’m looking forward to seeing the video he took, but know he needs time to edit. Thanks for making the trek!

Esther pointed out the ROI connection–yep, we’re getting out there and getting involved, aren’t we?

Here are the first two updates that I’d added, that might have gotten lost.

UPDATE: Duh! Michele Madansky joined us and she has promised to set me up with Jewish men in Chicago. (Who said that work can’t pay off in the romance department?) Samir from the Faith House Manhattan also hung out with us at Think Tank 3.

UPDATE 2: Thanks to Daniel’s blog, Facebook and plain ol’ email, I heard from a few more bloggers and saw the sign in list. Boy! Did I miss some people. Gary Sharma sent me a note and friended me on Facebook. Thanks! Richard Reiss from Artist As Citizen and Michelle Haimoff wrote to point me towards Michell’s post on The Panelist.

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