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A few quick thoughts.

  1. I refuse to turn the heat on in AUGUST in CHICAGO. Sadly, the leaves on my street are already turning red and gold. I’d like to repeat IT IS ONLY AUGUST. We have had no summer. Global Warming is a myth, cause if it was real, we would have had summer.

  2. I’ve been able to reconnect with two important artist friends this week. Beth and Katy. Which made me think that when I have daughters, they are getting three syllable names. Elizabeth and Katherine (and my sis Jennifer) have been able to change identities countless times by adding and dropping syllables. I have always been Leah.

  3. My ass is starting to look pretty good. I noticed it today at the gym in my yoga pants. Damn. It is an okay ass.

  4. Internet dating is hard work, especially when you actually get honest replies from decent sounding men.

  5. Myspace is better than Friendster. Way better.

  6. Sometimes I am embarassed thinking about how confident I was towards men when I was my heaviest. Now I’m so aware that I was pretty big and I’m almost losing confidence that I had 40 lbs ago. I did some bold things for a fat girl.

  7. There was one more thing, but I can’t remember what it was….

I have been quite anxious all week–moving family, changing jobs, changing diet a little. ugh. But it is all improving.

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