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A few things on my mind today.

1. A phrase I’ve found myself using a lot lately is “intentional judaism” or “becoming more intentional in your judaism.” I need to think more about that, but it works for me.

2. I pitched a non-fiction book via twitter the other day and now I owe an outline to an editor. What?

3. How soon can I get my novel to 10,000 words?

4. How will I gather my army of writers and researchers for Itza Mitzva? My hypothesis is that I can find Jews who are active in the Reform movement who each know one mitzvah really well. I want them to contribute to the Itza Mitzva curriculum instead of relying on a few people.

5. I help writers with social media stuff. We’ll see where that goes.

6. I’ve been on a dessert bonanza this week, know that I will start WW on the 24th. Thirty-one will be a year of healthful choices.

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