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A good day.

A brief hello as I dart between a very productive all day staff meeting and dinner at Gioco. (Yum!) Today was beyond good. Lots of fantastic feedback about the work I do at Edelman. Much needed fantastic feedback. I spoke up for myself and in a rare moment tooted my own horn.

Funny, considering what the stars said.

On the heels of this good day comes an even better day, April 9. On that Monday, the Sun and Jupiter will collaborate to help you. Again you will have an ideal day to meet with a VIP.

And I got this from a colleague,

Leah – this was one of the best ones yet – I like the way you make people think about how to apply other uses to their own world….that’s what creative thinking really is.

I’m feeling better today, thank you for your comments last night. All very kind. Now it is time for a glass of wine and then dinner at 7.

Oh and this snow? In April? With me in sandals? Must. Watch. The. Weather.

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