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A list gifts.

Sometimes I forget and give very thoughtless gifts, but sometimes I remember and give what Jason Mathes and I used to call A list gifts. I wanted to share what I think is a perfect gift I’ve put together for my best friend and his fiance.


Ryan and I went shopping for, well nothing, a few months ago. At William and Sonoma, he kept going back to a Crepe Pan. I was giving him shit about not registering for a Kitchen Maid Mixer. Come on, that is one of the benefits of getting married–the Kitchen Aid Mixer. I decided then, that I would get him the mixer. But I hate registries and gifts that are cookie cutter–so that means registered or not, the Kitchen Aid mixer is not going to be from me.

So I thought back to the night in Geneva and decided it would be Crepes. I can live without Crepes, but Ryan is a little obsessed with learning to make them. I gathered all of the necessary ingrediants. A Calophan Crepe Pan, two crepe recipe books, and the final touch? Cooking Lessons at American Harvest Cooking School.

They are incredibly friendly folk, so if you are in the suburbs–you should check them out. Now I just need wrapping paper, a card, and ribbon.

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