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A little article in the Chicago Tribune

I haven’t seen the print edition of the Chicago Tribune today, but I’m in the online edition.

The back-story of the story is that I met Eric, the writer, at Google Lunch 2.0 a few weeks ago. He looked at my business card and said, “Whoa! Conversation Analyst, what is that?” And then an article was born. Wednesday there was an hour long photo-shoot, so I want to find the paper and see if I’m really in it.

UPDATE 2: Checked my voicemail and had four calls about the article. Mom, sis and two friends. All surprised to open up the Tribune and see me staring back at them.

UPDATE 3: Okay, okay, Leah’s Ego, you weren’t the only person in the article. Two other folks that I know from Twitter/Blogosphere/Small world were also quoted. Jeremiah from Forrester and Deb Schultz (who is also Esther K’s Blog Mother, which is like a GodMother… only Jewish and bloggy.)

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