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A new dating site.

Yes, I’m always looking for new ways to meet the next victim, er, date. Guy to go on a date with. For as much time as I spend looking at personal ads, I rarely respond to them and other than The Ad, don’t post ads. but this site might be for me.

It is a dating site for politically charged twentysomethings (and thirty, forty, and fiftysomethings.) Had I not gone with Ronnie to F9/11, this would have been a good place to find a date.

Other funny dating sites are:

Date My Pet is for single people who love their pets and want to date someone who will understand that the pet isn’t going anywhere. Photos are of the single and of the single’s pet.

This is a spin off of the esquire article by one of the guys in the article. Kind of like Hot or Not and kind of like the article, but most people didn’t get the point and have written bad ads.

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